You might ask "what is a RoseSphynx?"  It is a figment of my imagination, putting together two of my most favorite things, a rose and a sphynx cat together.  You will find throughout this web page both the sphynx cats that share my home with me and roses I have grow and arranged, as well as my parti poodles.

My name is Denise and I have a small cattery in Howard County, Maryland, which is close to Baltimore, Annapolis, Washington, DC and Northern Virginia.  I am a registered cattery with both the Cat Fancier's Association and The International Cat Association as well as a member of The Cat Fancier's Association.  It is my purpose is to improve the overall health and type of the sphynx cat in order to show in the exhibitors rings, and breed only healthy sphynx kittens for companions.  You can depend on me to give you the best sphynx babies money can buy.  My many years in the health industry, as well as exhibiting and breeding miniature poodles, has given me the background to professionally breed, exhibit and care for the sphynx cats.  In the wrong hands these cats are bred without regard to the breed standard or the health issues that impact the breed.  Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy is a heart disease we must not knowingly breed and echocardiography scans are necessary before breeding so we know they are clear at that time.  In the right hands we think of improving the breed by selective breeding of only the best cats with overall health a major consideration.  So carefully select who you buy from and make sure you specify you want only a healthy cat from tested parents when it is time to adopt.  Breeders who do not care about health and type generally charge the same for their kittens, so ask to see reports of testing.

Sphynx cats are described many ways.  Some say they are a mix between a monkey and child.  Some say they feel like a warm water bottle and if you sleep with one in the winter you will understand what I mean.  Their skin can be from rubber bald smoothe to a fine peach fuzz.  The breed standard does allow for a light coat giving them the feel of a chamois.  To me I feel like I am holding a naked baby and the skin is as sweet as a human baby bottom just asking to be kissed.  No matter how they are described, they have personality that will not stop.  They all love my poodles and are often found snuggled up with them.  When company comes they love to come out and greet the guests and show off.  My cats share my entire house with me and are never caged or isolated.  This provides very well adjusted and healthy parents to work with.  My cats are scanned for heart disease each year and are not bred unless deemed free of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.  All breeding cats are DNA'd

So, welcome to my world of hairless beauties.  My web page will be growing as I find the time to continue its design.  I will be adding a lot more information about these cats, but here are the basics which introduce you to my cats.

The International
Cat Association

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Howard County, MD
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